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Men’s & Ladies' Shed  Membership  Details

The Shed costs over A$1000 per month to run. The majority of this is rent on the shed itself and charges such as water, electricity and  tool repairs.

This means that a nominal charge has to be made for membership.

Personal membership fees are set at a level that makes membership affordable to anyone in the community.

For community group projects contact John Hastings for membership details and charges.

Corporate membership is always negotiable

Personal Membership;

Annual subscription fees are

$15 per annum

to cover liability insurance, rent, everyday running expenses, admin charges, etc.

There is an attendance charge of

A$3 per day

to cover tea, coffee, biscuits material used, etc.

Corporate Membership/Sponsorship

very welcome for an annual subscription of $200.

While the personal membership fees go part of the way to supporting The Shed financially, we look to businesses located in the area for mutual support.  In return for sponsorship The Shed can advertise your business in our free, thrice yearly newsletter, on our web site, and through joint promotions.